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Garage Celica

GarageCelica is dedicated to all things Classic Celica, which for us is the 1970 to 1977 Models up to and including the RA35

Who and what is Garage Celica ?

First and foremost, GarageCelica is all about appreciating the 1970 to 1977 Celica’s. As the cars we enjoy age and become popular classics the information, parts, and support for these becomes harder and harder to find. GarageCelica aims to build a likeminded web community to provide the same friendly help and assistance online as its founders’ experience building cars with their mates in the Garage.

classic celica TA22
Stay In Touch

The joy of the digital age means there are many ways you can get your taste of GarageCelica. Our Facebook page is the most utilised, but we occasionally remember that we have an Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr accounts.